Rostam and "Sound of my voice"


The cast of the upcoming psychological drama "Sound of My Voice" gathered at the MoMA on Sunday (April 22) to celebrate the film's release with the help of Patricia Clarkson, Duncan Sheik and Stephen Baldwin. Directed by Zal Batmanglij, the movie focuses on two documentary filmmakers who prepare to invetsigate the secret world of a mysterious cult, but find themselves potentially brainwashed soon after.

"Sound of My Voice" proves to be a truly collaborative effort, as it was also co-written by the film's leading lady, Brit Marling. As for the movie's score, musical credits go to Batmaglij's brother and member of Vampire Weekend, Rostam Batmanglij.

Vampire Weekend´s Rostam Batmanglij (Zal´s brother) also displays a deft eye and sense of style that helps the indie look much more expensive that it truly cost. 

Rostam, how much of the film's score is original?

Rostam Batmanglij: All of the music in the film was written by me, save for one song sung in the actual film by a cast member (no spoilers!) and the Hot Chip song, which appears at the end.

How and why did you that song to end the film?

Rostam Batmanglij: I didn't choose that song-Zal did. He had taken a trip up to San Francisco and listened to that song on repeat. It was a personal choice of his and I always love it when directors choose songs for their films themselves so I was really happy for it to be there. Films should involve a director's idiosyncrasies as much as possible I think. Zal is certainly one of those directors.

source: Vanity Fair